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Capella University is an online school so, naturally, it faced a lot of skepticism from people. But they didn't want to talk about that (damn!), so they asked us to focus on the benefit of being able to customize your higher education to fit your schedule AND needs. This was especially important for their demo of the older student. Everyone is doing it now, but they were at least early to the "have your cake AND eat it, too" strategy.  AND while this stuff isn't my favorite, it does show how I'm still able to take something fairly mundane AND make it compelling. Oddly enough, I'm most proud of the brand guideline book that we created. AND while I don't expect you to read through all of it, I encourage you to read the manifesto AND a few other pages just to see how I can do the hard stuff well, too. Then maybe you'll understand why all the "ANDS" on this page were in all caps. 

Capella University
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