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“Scott’s got it all. The talent to create award-winning work, the smarts to make sure it's strategically sound, the personality to win over and endear clients, and the kindness and caring to be a great manager. He's a unique talent who I've had the pleasure of watching grow and develop into a world-class creative over 20 years, and a real gem.”  

Karen Kaplan

CEO/Chairman, Hill Holliday

"Big heart. Big thinking. Scott brings both to every project, every time. He knows his craft and he knows this business and most importantly, he knows that advertising is a team sport and cares as much about his co-workers as he does for the work."
Lance Jensen
Chief Creative Officer, Hill Holliday
"I was Scott's first boss, and if I had my way, I would be the second, third and fourth boss, too.  That's how many times I tried to hire him after that.  You can't teach what Scott has, the ability to be "on target" strategically, and a little left of center creatively.  A true original, who always solves business problems in an unexpected way."
Scott Sheinberg
Chief Creative Officer, Lunchpail

"In my experience, creative directors tend to fall into one of two categories. They either are strong conceptually but lack the technical skill and patience to execute well or are not as strong conceptually but execute very well. Scott is a rare exception. He does both extremely well. What's more, he's easy and fun to work with."

Jim Bacharach

Brand and Marketing Leader at First Citizens Bank (client at John Hancock)

"I worked with Scott for years. Seemed longer. But seriously, he really, actually is that total cliche - a creatives Creative Director – strongly original. Passionate about great ideas. Awesome at bringing them to life. And, not too surprisingly, beloved by all those lucky enough to be on his team. Even, heaven forbid, his clients - who he regularly pushes, pulls, and drags up onto the award stage year after year. Beyond this - Scott is also just a seriously good guy - one who’ll help you do better work than you’ve ever done. And enjoy yourself in doing it. Could not recommend him more."

Liam Shannon

Executive Creative Director, Aetna

"Scott's not a total loser."
-Scott's Mom
"Yes he is."
-Scott's Dad

"Scott is nothing short of a force to be reckoned with in the realm of talent and creativity.  When I interviewed Scott for a leadership position within the Agency, I knew we needed him. Scott possesses an uncanny ability to think outside of the box (well, he really didn’t know what was in the box, LOL) challenging conventional, tired norms expected from such a company as ours. His creative projects were unexpected, exceptional, and drove incredible business impact and success. We did terrific work together, and I am super proud of that. 


You will never go wrong working with Scott."

Mel Slade
Executive Dir
ector, CVSH Heart Haus Brand Practice Executive and Shared Service

"Scott’s talent with the written word combined with his ability to forge strong relationships helped push our clients out of their comfort zones, resulting in elevated and innovative work that exceeded expectations. His leadership has fostered a culture of creative thinking, inspiring and motivating our teams to consistently deliver their best. With a unique ability to balance risk-taking with reliability, Scott is an invaluable asset who has significantly contributed to our agency’s success."

Jennifer Ashkinos

Executive Director, Head of Account and Delivery Management, CVS Health

"Scott came to us at just the right time. Like so many organizations, we struggled to translate our culture/reason for being/ secret sauce into something that would be compelling, motivating and understood by our target audience. I didn’t know if it was possible, but Scott made it happen. He’s the furthest thing from our target audience one could possibly be, but somehow he understood us and -more importantly- understood them better than anyone has before."

Kara Paymar

VP Marketing, Capella University

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