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Aetna Commercial Markets was in a pickle with their United Auto Workers account. It was under a mandatory review and could be leaving. They needed to pitch the account all over agin. They had all the numbers and facts needed for their presentation, but nothing emotional. Nothing that could sway their audience on a deeper level. So they asked us to come up with something to help their dry meeting. We did this video called "Hands." We heard people were crying in the meeting after it was shown. A dry meeting no more. 

Mental health is a very big part of the health care landscape, but most companies walk on egg shells when talking about it. Including CVS and Aetna. We aimed to stop doing that and create emotional, hard-hitting, but also very honest work that let anyone suffering know that we knew exactly what they were going through. (note: they've reverted back to walking on egg shells. Go figure)

We  had a partner who was looking to improve their rep within the company. haha. It happens! Internal agency to the rescue. We created this beautiful video for them to share at the company town hall and elsewhere internally (we argued they should put it on the ol' social pages. They ignored us. Client side, it turns out, isn't that different.) 

Working in health care wasn't always serious and emotional gobbledy gook. Sometimes it could be fun and funny (just not for our products and services. lol) Click to magnify.

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